Kelly Cruse Hobby Breeder and Exhibitor of Destrier Snowshoe & Destrier Siamese Cats.

Dedicated to Breeding High Quality Cats to Produce Best Show Standards.

Bred for Health, Type and Temperment. World renowned Cats. As seen on TV and in the media,

Registered breeder with TICA, FIFE and GCCF. Kittens Sometimes Available to loving Pet & Show Homes with TICA birth certificates. Find us on Google+ - Free kitten and cat classifieds 

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Full of personality, need to be touched attitude, friendly, intelligent cats, both energetic and laid back. Addictive family cats.



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Social, Talkative, Active, Friendly Cats. We breed both Modern and Tradtional Apple head Siamese.




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South West England UK

Devon & Cornwall

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*Non profit hobby. Bred for the love of the breeds

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